How does DynEd ensure students are studying at the right level?

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In language learning, one size does not fit all.  DynEd students begin by taking a Placement Test, a computer-adaptive instrument that self-adjusts for each individual.  DynEd’s Path Manager then uses the student’s Placement Test score to automatically open courseware units at the right level of difficulty, and monitors progress to continually unlock new material when the program judges the student is ready to move forward.   A Recommended Study Time slider allows teachers to intervene manually when appropriate to adjust Path Manager settings to accommodate particular student or class needs.

Additionally, in some courses DynEd’s patented Shuffler mechanism automatically varies the depth, difficulty and variety of language being presented within a lesson depending on each student’s accuracy in answering questions or doing exercises.  Learning material that is too difficult may become frustrating, and material that is too easy quickly becomes boring; the Shuffler keeps each individual working at their optimal learning level.

Working together, these software devices help ensure that each learner is studying at his/her own pace and is constantly challenged with new language material targeted at exactly the right level.

Approach and Theory
Approach and Theory

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