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The best way to learn a skill like English is to study often and in short periods of time. A successful study pattern example is to study twenty minutes twice one day, then thirty minutes the next day. You should work to accumulate 6,500 study points every week and meet with one of our coaches at least once every 2 weeks. If you meet these requirements, we are confident that you will pass your exit test and receive your English Certificate in the estimated amount of time for each level!

The CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is the most important global framework used to describe language ability. This standard is being used more and more often in secondary schools, universities, governments as well as private businesses around the world.

If you study correctly, you should complete level A1 or A2 levels in 5 months or less, the B1 or B2 levels in 6 months or less, and the C1 level in 7 months or less.

DynEd coaches are committed to seeing you achieve your goals and are trained to know exactly what you are studying and your course progress. Their goal is to encourage and enrich your English learning experience. Coaches also track your progress over time, so if you change coaches, your new coach will continue from where your last coach left off.

After each session learners are asked to rate their coaching experience on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. neo LIVE displays the average rating under the coaches’ names to assist you in choosing the coach that is right for you.

All our coaches have to pass English tests and complete a rigorous training program. Our bilingual coaches speak and write English fluently, although their native language is not English. Native speaker coaches’ first language is English.

Coaching sessions have different token values. To reserve a session, choose the coach that is most appropriate for you. For some sessions you may want a bilingual coach for 2 tokens; at other times you may prefer a native coach for 4 tokens.

You can join your session at any time during the session’s 25 minutes; your coach will be waiting for you.

Yes, you can reschedule a coaching session up to one day before the date of the session. Go into your LIVE coaching interface and look for the 'Reschedule' option on the dashboard.

If your coach arrives at your scheduled session more than 5 minutes late, neo refunds your session’s tokens.

Tokens are not refunded when you arrive late or if you don’t attend a scheduled coaching session. Tokens are also not refunded if the connection between you and your coach fails. Our coaches work from centers with high-quality, redundant broadband connectivity, so we don’t expect Internet failures from the coach. We suggest you log on from a location that has a good Internet connection for all of your coaching sessions.

We are confident that our solutions will provide you with the expected results, so much so, that if you study according to our guidelines, we guarantee that you will reach your English goal in the allotted time for each level. To keep your guarantee, you must earn 6,500 study points per week and meet with a coach at least once every 2 weeks. If you meet these criteria, but do not pass your exit exam, you can continue to study for free until you pass your exit test. As part of your guarantee, we will also give you 4 free coaching tokens to prepare to retake the exit test.

If you are unable to study every week for five months, for example, you may not qualify for neo’s guarantee, but we will never turn off your access to the neo app or charge you more money. You can use your unused tokens even after the allotted time for each level has elapsed. Our goal is for you to pass your exit exam whenever you are ready.

Most people pass the exit test the first time. However, if you are having difficulty, you can take a CEFR level’s exit test up to three times. Once you pass the exam, you will have fulfilled the level’s requirements.

After passing a level’s exit test, neo will automatically generate your English certificate. It will have your name, the photo that was taken when you started the program, your CEFR level, the date the level was earned and a unique ID number that will confirm that you are the certificate holder. This ID number can be verified at

neo’s advanced artificial intelligence technology is constantly analyzing your study efforts. It uses this information to make decisions regarding the course of your study within the neo Study App. It also helps you improve your pronunciation through adaptive Speech Recognition exercises, awards you points and guides you and your coach through every step of your journey.

Tech support is available via the neo’s support email. Feel free to write to us in your native language and our worldwide staff will try respond within 24 hours, and in your own language if possible. Our neo support email is:

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